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​Senior Issues Etc

Last October I read an article about a TV show, Senior Issues, Etc, especially designed to reach out to seniors. As a senior myself, with an international cancer support event, I decided to respond to the article. I immediately was contacted, and we set a date for me to be interviewed on the show in May. I was greeted by the group...the youngsters were in their late 70's, everyone else ranged from 85-93. The interview was a delight and informative and guided in the most professional manner.
Barbara Paget, Founding Chair
Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day

The Village of Vernon Hills recognizes the important role Senior Issues Etc. plays to assist our residents. Village President Roger Byrne and the Board of Trustees are happy to continue our support of Senior Issues Etc.

Cindy Hebda, Village Trustee         John Kalmar, Village Manager.

Dear Vita,

Thanks so much for having my show on your show today! It was a wonderful experience! You are a warm and welcoming host. I felt comfortable and at ease as we kept the conversation going.  I'm so glad we connected and were able to do this in the new year.

I think we have a lot of common ground in that we both feel that the friendly "old neighborhood" is missing in modern life.  So we are trying to fix that in our own ways. We are taking the idea of the "old neighborhood", - where everyone knew each other and could reach out to each other for help - and using online technology to rebuild it.

This is a great goal that is really meaningful to a lot of people.


Bob Monahan is an attorney in Gurnee, IL, who produces and hosts a bi-weekly radio show, Everyday Law. The show can be heard every other Thursday evening on WRLR 98.3FM, at 7:00 PM.  Listen to podcasts of all of his shows on Everyday Law Podcast Blog.  

Please convey my thanks to all those who help make the Senior Issues Etc. program possible.  You folks are a wonderful example that chronological age doesn't mean anything.  You set a beautiful example for seniors everywhere, and in working with you, they understand a little better that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to.  
Thanks for all you do for seniors, the Senior Center and our community.  You're the BEST!  My thoughts and prayers are with you as you lead us through 2016.
God Bless,
Carol Lopez
Libertyville, Illinois Senior Center

Dear Vita,
We've just finished watching Mark's program on Senior Issues Etc. and we're both thrilled with the presentation.  Believe it or not - even though Mark has made many public speeches and has taught countless medical students and residents - he was a little nervous about today's program.  You did such a wonderful job of making Mark feel comfortable and allowing him to present his information in a professional, yet relaxed manner.  It's a testament to your talents as a host and interviewer that you have created such a wonderful forum for viewers out in TV-land.  You've more than fulfilled a need.  As you point out, our group - Seniors - is growing every day.  And we're hungry for information that can help us lead better, fuller, richer lives.  Thank you for everything you do.
Lynn Glendleman

Senior Issues Etc. is a great resource for seniors throughout our area to stay informed about important topics specific to seniors.  I've had the opportunity to be on your program a few times to discuss state issues impacting seniors and I would happily do it again. 
I would recommend Senior Issues Etc. as a resource for any senior looking for a good option to stay up-to-date.  It's a simple turning on the TV, so why not.
Ed Sullivan
Assistant Republican Leader
State Representative. 51st  District

I have had the enjoyable opportunity to meet and work with Vita and the other Senior Issues Etc. volunteers.  I had the privilege of helping them with their website and of being a guest on the show.  I am impressed with the dedication of all of the volunteers to provide a high quality TV show and to making the show known through the use of their website.  Their 15 years of continuous TV broadcasts testifies both to the importance of what they do and to the continued interest of their audience.
Norm Letofsky
SCORE Mentor