Senior Issues Etc

​​​​​​​​​​​About Us

Senior Issues Etc. produces TV shows to educate Seniors on topics of importance to a growing segment of our population.  We produce new TV shows each month covering topics in medicine, finance, fraud, government, legal issues, and more.  We select topics that aid seniors in living more productive, safe and healthy lives. Our shows are seen on community access TV throughout Lake and Cook Counties in Illinois and online. We are now in our 21st year of continuous broadcasting.

Because our shows are produced and recorded by Seniors, our volunteers themselves are demonstrating ways in which Seniors can remain active, learn new skills and help others.  Our volunteers handle all facets of production - developing show ideas, inviting guests, operating cameras and audio equipment, creating on-air graphics, filming and editing. Producing the show provides numerous benefits.  It demonstrates to other seniors that people over 80 can remain active, be involved, and be productive with dignity. 

When we started in 2000 we served three small communities.  Since then we have spread into 105 communities.  We have over 130 shows online, reaching seniors throughout the country.

We consider ourselves to be consciousness raisers, pioneering in the television media. We have kept ourselves free of any advertising or attempts to sell to our audience. Our only support comes from our sponsors who have believed in the value of our community service work. So join with us in some capacity to raise the bar for seniors and society at large. 

If you would like to become a crew member; operating cameras and other technical equipment, creating graphics or directing our show, email us at  We will train you.

We relish your input.  Feel free to email us with any suggestions.  Changes benefit us all.  Contact our Host, Ellen Roberts, at